FAQ’S | Live Wire Entertainment



Can I bring in my own food?

Sorry, we do not allow outside food into our venue. However if you've booked a party with us and wish to bring in a birthday cake who are we to stand in the way of a birthday bash!

Can I book a table?

We have a first come first serve policy with tables in the main part of our dining area, if you want to book space for a function or birthday party we do have a separate space available.

Can I get a refund on the credit I put on the Live Wire Card?

The card is yours to keep, so you can use the credit on it next time if you don't use it all in one visit. Your credit and tickets are valid for 12 months from the date of the last time you used it. Credit on games cards is non-refundable.

How Does Live Wire Work?

Entry to Live Wire is free, so you're able to choose the activities that you'd like to participate in when you get here, although on weekends and school holidays we do suggest booking through our website so you don’t miss out! When you arrive, you're able to purchase a game card that you load with credit and 'tap' each time that you'd like to play arcade games or attractions.

Can I bring a large Group without booking?

Yes you can, but if you want to ensure we can offer you the best possible experience then booking is advised, send us an email to info@live-wire.co.nz

Do I need my ID?

Yes - Anyone who wishes to purchase alcohol in any of our venues must have a valid ID (drivers license, passport or 18+ card) on them.

Are children allowed in the venue?

YES! We are a family entertainment centre which means we cater for kids of all ages whether your 4 or 94!